When your customers click on the buttons “Rent”, “Buy” or “Subscribe”, a payment module opens, offering 2 options:


1- if a customer has never bought via OKAST, then he/she must enter his/her credit card details, as well as his/her email. Then:


  • your customer is automatically logged in and can access all contents, either directly on the page (within the player), either from his/her private space (by clicking in his/her email address displayed on the top right corner ).
  • in the meantime we send him/her an email with credentials to connect when he/she wants and access all contents


2- If the customer has already purchased, he/she can log in directly from the checkut page :




In this case, for next purchases he/she would be able to pay in 2 clicks.

We have created the process of payment in the simplest way possible to minimize friction between a buyer and your content. Hope you will like that 🙂

For any question, please contact us on support@okast.tv