You already have a domain name or a site (or are you going to buy one) and you want your OKAST page to be integrated as a subdomain ?

Example : you have a site and you have created a site on OKAST

You want to change this address to have, for example : or www. or etc … (these are examples you can choose the name you want).

Follow these 3 steps :

  1. Create a domain name and a subdomain
  2. Point the OKAST url to your subdomain
  3. Activate and confirm the change from your OKAST interface


1- Create a domain name (or a subdomain if you already have a domain name)

If you do not have a website yet, buy and register a domain name with a hosting company (godaddy, 1&1, etc …).

Then add a subdomain from your host’s interface (whichever host you choose, you’ll find an online procedure for creating a subdomain, for example : here )

You can call this subdomain as you wish (some suggestions : “VOD” “shop” “Look” “Premium” “video” etc …).


2- Point the URL of your OKAST site to your subdomain

This is where you have a domain or subdomain, you now want your OKAST page to appear at that address. Easy. You have to go back to the interface of your host, and find the menu “CNAME records”. In case of problems, use the help section of your hosting company (often very clear).

Then create a CNAME that will point the address to your domain or subdomain, example :


3- Activate and confirm the switch from your OKAST Back Office

Go now in your OKAST menu under Storefront > Settings > Promotion and fill in the field “Replace the url of your OKAST site with a subdomain of your own website” like (without the https or www). Validate. Depending on your host it may take more or less time before the change is visible.

WARNING : Be 100% sure the URL is working when you put it in your OKAST interface. This will be the address sent to your customers in the email they will receive after each purchase / rental or subscription.


For any problem, contact us at . We’re here to help.