1- Click on “Add project” or  

A project = a website built in the form https: // (project name).okast.tv


2- Upload the content(s) you want to add in your streaming offer in 

Fill in all the blanks, do not forget to upload a thumbnail. Once your contents are uploaded, you can organize them : the content on the left will be the one that will appear first on the site. You can drag and drop your contents to put them in the right order.

A project = a website built in the form https://(project name).okast.tv

3- Create your offer in 

Choose the contents you want to include in your offer. You can regularly add or remove them. For more information, see our Set Up Your Offer page.

4- Choose your storefront template in 

Use our templates Route_B (only one SVOD offer possible) or Pole (multiple business models)

You can also bring your own design, or create your own interface with our APIs.

5- Promote it !

Check all your offer(s) are activated (in the “Offers” tab)

And your site is active (Site tab > Settings)

Yayyy, congrats ! Your site is now officially online ! Share its URL with your family, friends, audience, community, fans … and don’t forget social networks ! Use the Promotion menu to use our marketing tools. And of course sign up on our blog to get the best tips to make your audience bigger 🙂

6- Follow your sales  

7- Get your incomes

Put your bank account information in the Profile menu  to receive your payments.

You will receive all revenues every month.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on support@okast.tv