You can create for your offers discount coupons. To do this, make you in the Promotion menu > Coupons.



Create a new coupon by clicking on the following button:



Then fill in the form: select the code (example “PROMO”, “jhd2xh” etc.), the amount of available coupons, the validity period and the percentage of discount (more than 0%) and less than 100%.


You can create several coupons applicable to all your offers or only some.

Attention: the final price of your offer, after discount, must not be less than €0.50.

Then you can find the details of your coupons in the Promotion menu > Coupons:



For the case of subscription the reduction applies only at the time of the payment when the customer enters the promo code. For the other months the customer will be charged without the promotion. 

To see operating mode, from the point of view of “client” we refer to the paragraph “How to apply a promotional code?” the viewer FAQ