You already have a website, a blog or you have friends / partners likely to promote your offer?


Now you can add your own custom buy/rent/subscribe button where you want. When a customer will click on it, your checkout will open.

Here is the easy procedure to follow :


1- If you have several offers, choose the one you want to embed in another website


2- Then customize button :


  • determine the call to action you want to add on the button, this can be “buy”, “rent”, “subscribe”, or “I want this movie”, “Download this video” etc… Remember to always include something that your users will have actually get (do not lie on the promise)
  • have fun with color (use one that recalls the colours of the site where you embed the button)



3- Copy the given code and paste it into the code of your site, where you want to diplay your button…


And here you are, your clients can now order your offer from another location than your  OKAST website 😉


For any question :