Spotlight the artists of your videos thanks to the special casting pages.


On the same wavelength as our article about categories, you can start typing the name of your actor / actress / artist. As soon as you write it, this window will pop :

Casting Reports OKAST video

Fill in all the blanks and don’t forget the picture to spice up your report !

Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button !

Repeat the action for all your cast members !

Casting reports OKAST video

You can also create multilingual versions of your reports : just modify the report in each language you create, and of course, don’t forget to save your modifications 😉

Here you are, your casting reports are ready ! From now, when you type the desired name, your casting report pops and you just have to click on it ! In case you want to change something, just hit your report and modify it. Don’t forget to save when you’re done 🙂



  • Your reports are showcased under the player
  • From the reports, you can quickly find all the contents associated to an artist (movies, categories…)


Casting reports OKAST video