With OKAST, you can write news/posts and publish them in 2 clicks on your site, your social networks, and via email!



To do this, start on menu “Promotion” > “Updates”


1- To create an Update, click on the following button :




2- Choose a title for your update, upload a picture of illustration (350 x 180 px looks best) and write your news in the text editor :



You can add links, images and even videos Youtube!

You then have the option to share this news:


  • On your social networks: choose on which networks social you want to share it and click on “Validate“.


  •  Your OKAST site: the illustration image and a preview of the text appears:



When clicked on the preview, it opens a new window, with a URL that allows to share everywhere you want




  • Email / Newsletter:


Choose if you want to send to your customers and/or followers, click “Save” and they will receive automatically an email with the title of the news, added illustration image and text below.WARNING: remember that it is illegal to send unsolicited emails (SPAM). Be sure to not send your email to your community or clients who deliberately give you their emails. Also clean all your data (emails, false or erroneous) before upload them on the system (we would get the right to delete your account if you do not respect good practices for sending email)

Note that once you have sent your update by email, there is no turning back. So be sure everything is ready before sending to your community.


Any question, reach us at support@okast.tv