You can easily connect your site to a Google Analytics account.

To do this, on the Storefront menu > settings, fill in your Google Analytics tracking ID:


  • If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, you can created a very easily by following this guide (it’s free!). We highly recommend it.

Indeed, to follow the statistics of your site can bring you a lot of information:

  • Where does your traffic come from? Google search, partner, social networking sites… This allows you to know where we need to strengthen your communication actions.
  • What type of profile is interested in your content? With Google Analytics you’ll information about age, gender, interests, geographic origin etc… This will allow you to better target your promotional activities.
  • Is your offer in line with your request? To report the number of visits to your page with your number of sales, can measure your price positioning. If you have a lot of visits and little processing in sales, should be corrected price level.


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