2 - Upload Contents & Delivery

Add some trailers for your video contents!

On OKAST you can offer your viewers access to some trailers. These would allow you to convert users or subscribers who would be interested in your content by giving them a taste of your platform.   1- How to create a “trailer” content? The trailer is a content like any other on your platform. To […]

Casting Creation & Management

Hightlight your artists, rights holders or technical team thanks to the casting page! To create a casting page on your platform, go to the “Casting” tab of the menu. You will find all created forms and can search, edit, delete or create new. For each of the casting you create, a dedicated page is generated […]

Video contents Creation & Management

Content is KING on your platform; learn how to highlight your videos using all the OKAST features! To add and manage content on your platform, go to “Contents> Catalog”. All your content is available (whatever the project), and you can easily find them through the search bar   The counter constantly informs you about the number of contents […]

Upload & Encoding of your content

Your hosted content (so livestreams are not concerned here) will not be monetizable until they are encoded and stored, but your encoding choices also determine how you are billed; It is then essential to understand the process of uploading and encoding!   1. Upload of hosted content When creating a new hosted content, you will […]

Rich Text Editor

With the rich text editor you can improve your descriptions to make them more attractive. Below is an example of all available features: This menu offers you different options which are divided into 4 categories: 1- Text For these buttons just select the desired area and click on it.  or (ctrl+G) Used to put its […]

Uploading Content Other Than Video : Audio, Images, Pdf, Zip

On OKAST you can upload other types of content : audio files (Soundtrack, podcasts …), pdf files, images,  .zip folders …   1 – Go to the “Contents” menu, then click “New Content”   2 – Choose the type of content you want to upload (audio or other)   3 – Add the content via […]

Offer a Live Stream

You want to offer an access to a live stream  (linear channel, web tv, concert, show, course, webinar etc …)? EASY 😄 1 – Click on “+ New Content” in the “Contents” tab > then “Live streaming” 2 – Fill in the information about your live stream 3 – Add the link of your feed : […]

What Happens With Videos once uploaded ?

As soon as you upload a video, you have the possibility to encode it in several resolutions (see the article to upload and encode the videos) so that the playback adapts to the different devices (PC, mobile, tablet) as well as to the internet connection of your audience. You can create several resolutions: 4K, HD […]

Contents download

If you decide to sale your contents, they will be downloadable by your customers. By default contents are DRM-free to allow users to enjoy the videos they have purchased as they wish (for private use). This includes the ability to play them on all devices, without any restrictions. More information about our DRM / GDN  . If you don’t want […]

Video Uploads : Accepted Encoding Formats

We accept the following formats for uploads : HLS using a MPEG-2 TS container to host H.264 format video and audio in AAC or MP3 format Smooth Streaming using a fmp4 container to host H.264 video and AAC sound XDCAM using an MXF container with MPEG-2 video and PCM sound Video format accepted : MP4 […]