7 - Tips & Best Practices

Marketing & guides

Find its audience, develop your community and spread its contents or its service to the greatest number, these are the real challenges of the years ahead for the creators and producers of content. We take this very seriously, besides we regularly produce FREE knowledge for help on these topics (via our blog). Find our marketing […]

Tips for creating your offers: marketing, price etc…

Choose which mode of marketing: SALES / RENTAL or SUBSCRIPTION?   First and foremost, more precisely define your content: • Is this a unique project ? Examples : film, fiction, medium-length, short, documentary, a series, a web series, artistic performance, show etc..? • Is it a collection of different projects ? Examples: a collection of […]

Create Premium & Deluxe offers for your fans !

  The real novelty with a platform like OKAST, is that you are talking directly to your fans. So take care of them and make them happy! When you can, offer different editions of your work: a “Standard” offer, and some “Premium” offers (with even more content). In “Premium” offers you can add additional content: […]