1 - Quick Start

Where To Start ?

It’s time to ask yourself the right questions ! What do you have to offer to your audience?   – I have a main content (film, documentary, series …) ready to be monetize: How to create your TVOD site for a single project : movie, short, documentary, concert etc… (sell/rent)? How to create your TVOD site […]

How to create your SVOD platform (subscription video service)

1- Click on “Add project” or   A project = a website built in the form https: // (project name).okast.tv   2- Upload the content(s) you want to add in your streaming offer in  Fill in all the blanks, do not forget to upload a thumbnail. Once your contents are uploaded, you can organize them : […]

How to create your TVOD site for a catalogue (sell/rent) ?

  1- Click on “New project”    A project = a site online in the form of the projet).okast.tv/#/ http://(nom You can put for example the name of your company, the name of your thematic offer (Science, music etc…), your name etc… Note: the name of the project will be the URL, spaces and special […]