3 - Prices, Currencies, Payout and Taxes

Monetize your contents worldwide with different currencies !

Yep, our payment system is international: you can set up different currencies for your offers, AND we do accept almost all the existing debit cards. Just configure your offers with the right currency: OKAST allows you to create multilingual services so no more excuses not to go conquer the world!   Heads up: taxes can […]

VAT And Offer Prices

What about VAT on sales ? When you set a price for your content, we assumed the price you chose was THE one, i.e the price you always want to display to your customers (and therefore all charges included). Nevertheless, since the 1st of January 2015, the new regulation on European VAT taxes digital products according to […]

Payout (from your sales)

Each month, the money from your sales will be transferred to your bank account (but first, you have to connect your bank to our interface ). Every month around the 15th ,  you will receive the money generated during the previous month (our commission withdrawn). For now, we can not pay with a Paypal account, but this […]